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South West Coast Path - Coverack to Roskillys (The Lizard)

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Map: OS Explorer: 103

Distance: 3.7 miles/6.0 km

Steepness grade: Moderate

Recommended footwear: Walking boots, or trainers in summer

Setting off from the beach wall at Coverack we followed the coast path down a side road through

large houses overlooking the sea. The beach at Coverack is revealed at low tide and is a low shelving

beach with crystal clear water. It is rarely busy and with the village so close ice creams are easy to

acquire so makes for a great family beach. There is also a water sports school and hire centre so you can explore the area even more thoroughly.

Stepping out of the village we enter yet another of the Lizard’s Sites of Special Scientific Interest. The

geology of this area is unique and that allows many rare plants and animals that feed on them to

thrive. The coast we will be walking on is fairly flat until we begin our ascent up to Roskillys near the


The large sweep of land here is called Lowland Point which makes sense as the sea butts right up to the grass and stones. There are no dramatic cliffs here as there have been on many of our

walks so far and it makes for a refreshing change.

We pass through a farmstead abandoned centuries ago which has now been taken over by

primroses and other wildflowers. The going here is flat but you have to keep an eye on each step as

the floor is littered with boulders and small trickling streams that can make the earth quite boggy

after wet weather. The National Trust, who own Lowland Point seem to have put two and two

together and have made many stepping stone paths over boggy areas that not only help to keep

your shoes dry but look very authentic in the abandoned farmsteads.

A block of ore washed ashore from a shipwreck
Ore from the SS Ocklinge

The beaches here are made up of the same gabbro boulders that lay strewn all over the coast path

but amongst the stones are fragments of iron ore thrown overboard in an attempt to refloat a

sinking ship. The SS Ocklinge ran aground on Lowland Point in 1932 and the iron ore she was

carrying can still be found littering the shore here.

Soon we reach Dean Quarry, where the gabbro has been quarried until it was closed in 2008. The

path runs right along the front of the quarry and then drops down into Godrevy cove which is a quiet

beach all year round due to the lack of parking. This is another great beach for families although

access is down a long path winding between fields so maybe don’t bring that huge icebox with you.

After passing through the village of Rosenithon we arrive at Roskillys farm. Famous for making great

ice cream Roskillys also now have an outdoor pizza oven and BBQ area where you can pick up some

amazing food mostly made from the farms produce. At certain times of the day you can ascend

some stairs over the milking parlour to watch the cows being milked. This is made more interesting

by the chart listing all of the cow’s names which you can match up to the number on the cow. Over

the road you can feed some of the animals with bags of food purchased from Roskillys shop or explore some of their walking fields featuring beehives and duckponds. Also at Roskillys farm is the Coast Colour Canvas gallery which showcases art from a number of local artists. Most are landscapes of the local area and are very affordable which make for great mementos of your trip.

Map of our route

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