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Electric Vehicle Charging now at Little Gwendreath!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Hybrid car using Zappi charger
Electric vehicle charging at Little Gwendreath

According to the World Economic Forum, a global think-tank, more than a tenth of new cars sold in Britain in 2020 were powered by electricity. The shift from fossil fuels to electricity looks set to accelerate. Government plans to decarbonise the economy will require the number of battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs) on Britain’s roads to rise from around 100,000 currently to 3m by 2025, 10m by 2030 and 25m by 2035.

With this in mind we have equipped the cottages with 7.5kW zappi smart EV chargers to enable guests to charge on site allowing for full batteries to head out and explore the local area in a greener way. The chargers have modes which utilise 100% green energy generated from our Solar PV reducing your carbon footprint. The actual green contribution percentage is shown when the charge is complete. They are Mode 3 charging stations, compatible with all vehicles that comply with the plug-in standards. The 6.5-metre cable has a Type 2 plug. We will supply you with the PIN number to unlock the zappi, this is required before the unit can be operated and/or a charge is allowed.

To give you an idea of how long it will take to charge an EV fully with our zappi charge point here are some examples:

Car Make & Model

Battery Capacity (kWh)

Range (miles)

​Time to Fully Charge (hours)

​Audi e-tron




​Jaguar I-Pace




Tesla Model 3








Kia e-Niro




Volkswagen ID.3




Renault Zoe




Peugeot e-208




Nissan Leaf




Mini Electric




A lot of potential EV drivers are put off by range anxiety, the fear that the battery will run out mid-trip leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere. The truth is, however, that this scenario is in the hands of the driver. Sure, if you drive far enough without stopping at a charging station, your battery will run out. The same goes with a petrol or diesel powered car. And yes, there are more service stations lining our routes than charging stations. But that doesn’t mean you’re more likely to run out of battery either. The fact of the matter is, if you plan your journey to allow for charging stops, it should be as smooth as a conventional powered car. The AA recently shared the top breakdown causes for EVs and they are same as conventionally fuelled cars, they also noted that running out of charge is incredibly rare, 96% of EV breakdowns have nothing to do with battery range – it doesn’t feature within the top three EV breakdown causes.

The table below gives an idea of how often you might need to stop to charge different battery sizes en-route to Little Gwendreath from different locations and how long a fast charge could take:

Charging stations are more common than ever , you probably already drive by them regularly without even noticing. To help you find stations there are dozens of handy smartphone apps that’ll give you their exact location, here are a few examples:

We have picked out a selection of EV charging stations to give an idea of where you can stop en route to Little Gwendreath:

EV Charging Station



Chargers Available

Food & Beverages

Kingsley Village Shopping Park

A30 nr Fraddon



2 x CHAdeMO 50kW

2 x CCS (Type 2) 175kW

M&S, Starbucks, McDonalds

Cornwall Services

​A30 nr Bodmin

PL26 8UF


1 x Type 2 43kW

1 x CCS (Type 2) 50kW

2 x CHAdeMO 50kW

4 x Blue Commando 4kW

Subway, Costa, McDonalds, Rowe’s, Indoor Active, Greggs

Jamaica Inn

A30 nr Launceston

PL15 7TS


2 x CHAdeMO 50kW

2 x CCS (Type 2) 50kW

2 x Type 2 22kW

​Pub, Museum

Lifton Farm Shop

A30 nr Lifton

PL16 0DE


1 x CHAdeMO 50kW

1 x CCS (Type 2) 50kW

1 x Type 2 43kW

8 x Tesla Supercharger

​Farm Shop, Restaurant

White House Services

A30 nr Okehampton

EX20 1QJ


1 x CHAdeMO 50kW

1 x CCS (Type 2) 50kW

1 x Type 2 43kW

Restaurant, Budgens, Costa, f’real Milkshakes

Exeter Moto M5 Services

M5 J30 nr Exeter



2 x CHAdeMO 100Kw

4 x CCS (Type 2) 120kW

M&S, Costa, Burger King

Cullompton Moto M5 Services

M5 J28 nr Cullompton

EX15 1NS


1 x CHAdeMO 50kW

1 x Type 2 43kW

4 x CCS (Type 2) 350kW

Costa, McDonalds, Warren’s Bakery

Heron Farm

A30 nr Honiton

EX14 3PA


2 x CHAdeMO 50kW

2 x CCS (Type 2) 50kW

Vineyard, shop, kids area

Bridport, East Street Car Park

A35 nr Bridport



1 x CHAdeMO 50kW

1 x CCS (Type 2) 50kW

1 x Type 2 43kW

Town centre

Bridgwater Moto M5 Services

M5 J24 nr Bridgwater



1 x CHAdeMO 100kW

2 x CCS (Type 2) 120kW

M&S, Costa, Burger King

Sedgemoor Welcome Break

M5 J21/22 nr Burnham

BS24 0JL



2 x CHAdeMO 50kW

3 x CCS (Type 2) 60kW


1 x CCS (Type 2) 50kW

1 x Type 2 43kW

2 x CHAdeMO 50kW

S: Costa, McDonalds, The Cornish Bakery

N: Burger King, Starbucks, Subway, Krispy Kreme

Leigh Delamere Moto M4 Services

M4 J17/18 nr Cotswolds

SN14 6LB



1 x CHAdeMO 100kW

1 x CCS (Type 2) 120kW


1 x CHAdeMO 60kW

1 x CCS (Type 2) 60kW

2 x Type 2 22kW

M&S, Costa, Greggs, Burger King, Krispy Kreme

Michaelwood Supercharger

M5 J13/14 nr Stroud

GL13 9JS


1 x CCS (Type 2) 50kW

1 x Type 2 43kW

1 x Type 2 22kW

2 x CHAdeMO 50kW

8 x Tesla Supercharger N

N&S: Burger King, KFC, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Waitrose

Membury Supercharger

M4 J14/15 nr Membury



1 x CCS (Type 2) 50kW

1 x Type 2 43kW

2 x Type 2 22kW

2 x CHAdeMO 50kW

8 x Tesla Supercharger


1 x CCS (Type 2) 50kW

W&E: Burger King, KFC, Starbucks, Waitrose

W: Harry Ramsden’s, f’real Milkshakes

E: Subway

When you arrive at Little Gwendreath you will be able to fully charge your battery and keep it topped up each day so that on your day of departure you will leave with a full battery. Instead of waiting for the battery to fully drain before recharging you can do this anytime your car is sitting near a charging station (e.g. at restaurants, car parks etc). This way, you're always hitting the road with a full range of power at your disposal.

If you are interested in booking a stay and bringing an electric vehicle please let us know the make, model and battery capacity as charges may apply. We look forward to welcoming you to Cornwall!

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